WOD - Alpine ski training

In Crossfit, they always have the WOD, the Workout of the Day. So this is mine. Actually from a couple of days ago, but it was a good quick one. This one is with lightish weights, moving quickly from exercise to exercise for a strength/interval combo.



Jumping Jacks - 1 minute

5 minutes on elliptical trainer

Burpees - 12 with 5 pound dumbells in each hand

1 minute Jumping Jacks.

Combo #1 for 3 repeats

a. Deadlifts

b. Mountain Climbers, 1 minute


Combo #2 for 3 repeats

a. Pullups

b. Burpees

Combo #3 for 3 reps

a. Seated rows

b. Stability ball crunches

c. Jumping Jacks x 1 min because neither the rows nor crunches will keep heart rate up.


Combo #4 for 3 reps

a. curls

b. "plate lifts" - this is like sandbag lifts for Caveman training, but with a 45# plate. So you grab the plate in both hands with the edge on the ground and you lift it up like you were placing it on a shelf, first to your right, then to your left. Very high energy if you go fast.


Cool down and stretching.