Seven Signs You Might Be a Backcountry Skier


  1. You feel strangely naked if you have to ski without a backpack.
  2. You feel a thrill of excitement when you hear that the lifts are closing at the local resort and your realize how much less competition for freshies there will be if it snows again.
  3. When resort skiers tell you that backcountry skiing involves too much work for the fun part, you have to ask which is the fun part.
  4. You know which pair of goggles is lighter.
  5. You have nightmares of giving a public speech only to realize that you've walked up to the podium and you're not wearing a transceiver.
  6. Your children are still embarrassed that when you visited San Francisco you kept taking out your inclinometer and measuring the angle of the hills.
  7. You find a shaded, north-facing glade that holds powder long after a storm. It only involves a mile of walking in your ski boots and an hour of skinning uphill to get to and you swear all your friends to secrecy because you're sure if the word gets out, the crowds will pour in.