The Mountains that Scare the Pros

Theresa got me all distracted today. First she send me a link to Cody Townsend's video of skiing the longest, straightest couloir I've seen. Somewhere in the Sierra. His goal was not to hop turn it, but to ski it, which means a high-speed run down a very long, very narrow, very steep couloir.

Cody says: "It's hard keeping your tips down the fall line in a 6 to 10 foot wide couloir with a solid 45 to 50 degree pitch." Uh, yeah. Read about it (with pictures too).

But then Cody links to video from the Freeride World Championships at Verbier from last year. The best freeride skiers are quaking in their boots at the thought of skiing the Bec de Rosses, let alone competing on it. Pretty crazy. If that doesn't pysche you up for skiing, I don't know what will.