Liftopia Rocks - Kirkwood for $45!

Last week I made my first ticket purchases on and skied Kirkwood for $45  (normally $78 I think). To be honest, I had never purchased a lift ticket online before and the process made me a little nervous, but it worked great. I bought the tickets, printed out a page with a bar codes on it, showed up at Kirkwood ticket office, they scanned my bar codes and handed us three tickets. Simple as that.


The one thing that wasn't simple was that I read my calendar wrong and accidentally bought tickets on the wrong day the first time around. The Liftopia checkout page has big bold text telling you to double check your calendar because there are absolutely no refunds or changes allowed after you hit Submit. I didn't. The down side of this was simply two days at Kirkwood instead of one, but since I enjoy Kirkwood and was planning to ski that day anyway, it was no big deal.


To note:

  • You need a printer for most of these deals because you need to print out the page with bar codes.
  • It's a bit like airline tickets