Exercise Ball Craziness

In my article on how to stand on an exercise ball and why you might want to do so for skiing, I mentioned that I had seen pictures of squatting 250 pounds on top of a ball and other craziness. I can't say that I either dare to do it myself or recommend it, since the risk/reward calculation is not.... favorable let's say.

But it's still incredible what people can do. In the first video, Seth Mayer does some amazing ball hopping. This kid is incredible. I wish he would get a website and create the ultimate Swiss Ball Nuttiness Resource. The second video is a guy back squatting what looks to be about 95 pounds on the ball. Then there's another one from the US Ski Team which simply has to be seen.


Obviously, you could get seriously hurt doing this stuff, but it's pretty amazing. Watch at your own risk.

And then there's the ever enjoyable learning process for these tricks:

But he does stick it in the end