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Better Telemark Skiing
Feel Your Way to Better Skiing and Riding

Improve your skiing and riding by feeling your proper body position from the feet up. This can help with basic body position or harder to master skills such as weight distribution in moguls or when carving. It can help better feel the balance on while working on your skate skiing, which can lead to nice improvements in efficiency.

All Levels
Sloppy Start to a Better Ski Day

Once you've warmed up your muscles a bit and done some stretching, you're ready to ski. The last step in your warmup routine should involve skiing, but start out sloppy and messy rather than trying to get it right from the get go.

All Levels
Make Your Private Ski Lesson Count

A private ski lesson is a great investment, but it's not cheap. If you're going to pony up, you want to get everything you can out of it. Know what to expect and learn how to make your lesson the best.

Intermediate, Advanced
Are You Ready for a Private Ski Lesson?

Beginners usually take lessons to start. The best skiers take lessons all the time. In between is what I call the "no-lesson zone" where intermediate and advanced skiers who could benefit hugely from a lesson don't understand the benefits and get stuck at a skill plateau.

Intermediate, Advanced
Life on the Edge

If you ski a bit, you start to hear all sorts of talk about edging and edge sets. What's it all mean?

Let It Slide: Side Slip and Pivot Drills

Laying down long hard arcs is great, but sometimes it's good to have something else in your toolkit. There's nothing like the sideslip for getting out of trouble.

Beginner, Intermediate
Troubleshooting Stance for All Skiers

A good stance is functional and adapts to the situation. Some tips for getting it right.

Skiing and Snowboarding the Trees 101

Skiing and boarding the woods is one of the most rewarding, challenging and peaceful types of skiing, but it also carries some additional risks. Here's a basic primer on how to stay safe and have fun.

Intermediate, Advanced
The Big Huck: Getting Air without Getting Killed

Right from the start, beginning skiers and snowboarders love to catch air. As the size of the jump increases, though, technique and basic safety considerations become more important. Here's a brief guide to staying safe with style.