Dynamic Fitness for Dynamic Skiers

Skiing is a dynamic sport that requires a functional and dynamic training program.

The ski fitness classes of the 1970s looked much different from those you see today. Then again, back then, skiing was a different sport. The 210 centimeter skis of yesteryear required more muscle power than the shaped skis of today. However, even though the modern shaped skis require less brute force and more finesse and balance, it is not unusual to see skiers pushing the ski tails, muscling their turns and beating themselves up on the slopes. Why do they do this to themselves?

Common Misconceptions

Part of the problem comes from a misunderstanding about the muscles used in skiing, and how they should be used. Simply put, although skiing is a highly dynamic sport, many people see it as a static form of exercises, and it shows up in their skiing style. We've all seen the posers — the people who seem to be holding one body position as they descend the slopes.