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Strength and Conditioning for Skiing and Life
Strong Ski Legs with Shuffle Jumps

Explosive, lateral jumps, for 1-2 minutes are a great exercise for building power-endurance in the legs. Essential for alpine skiers, this is also useful for tele skiers and for building a strength base for skate skiers.

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Better Balance with the Paper Bag Game

A fun party game of balance and leg strength. Nobody but you has to know that this is training

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Preseason Training and Your ACL

You will often hear that preseason training will prevent ski injury. In many cases, that's true, but sadly, no exercise will guarantee that you won't tear and ACL. Here's a brief presentation of the available research on training levels and ACL injury for skiers.

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Feather Jumps

A simple jump, but technique is important. This is especially useful for untrained women who tend to have poor jump mechanics.

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Plyometric Power: Jumps for Bumps

You need dynamic strength in the moguls, but how to get it? One of the best ways is with a series of plyometric exercises.

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Preseason foot and ankle exercises for skiers

Most people focus their ski training on building powerful legs. That's all well and good, as long as you don't forget the feet. Without a strong platform to stand on, those strong legs will only do so much good.

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Dynamic Fitness for Dynamic Skiers

Skiing is a dynamic sport that requires a functional and dynamic training program.

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Deadlifts: The One Exercise Every Alpine Skier Should Do

Few exercises will work so many important ski muscles in one move as a proper deadlift. If you do them right, deadlifts will prepare your back for a pounding session in the moguls.

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Get on the Ball to Improve Your Skiing!

Improve your balance and learn a great party trick

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