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Dialing the V2 Skate

We've laid a foundation with a strong V1. Now it's time to have some serious fun with the V2. Here are a few drills

Beginner, Intermediate
Dialing the V1 Skate

The V1 is a bit unnatural, but it is the foundation of efficient skating. It's crucial to get the timing right.

Beginner, Intermediate
The Many Forms of Skate Skiing

A brief terminology overview of the different forms of skate skiing: Diagonal Skate, V1, V2, V2-Alternate and Free Skate. Mostly, though, this is just to set the stage for learning the V1 Skate and the V2 Skate

Beginner, Intermediate
Feel Your Way to Better Skiing and Riding

Improve your skiing and riding by feeling your proper body position from the feet up. This can help with basic body position or harder to master skills such as weight distribution in moguls or when carving. It can help better feel the balance on while working on your skate skiing, which can lead to nice improvements in efficiency.

All Levels
Beginner's Guide to Skating a Flat Ski

Beginning skate skiers can waste a lot of energy by spending too much time on their inside edges. Here are three exercises to help you learn how to ride a flat ski.

Teaching Kids to Ski with the Tom Sawyer Method

Tom Sawyer convinced his friends that painting a fence was fun. Here are some thoughts on how to have a fun ski lesson with kids (fun for both of you), but still stay focussed on skills acquisition. It all comes back to Tom painting that fence.