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Alpine, Backcountry
PSIA Level I alpine

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On the Snow for Kicks

I started skiing when i was two and half in 1965 and had my first ski instructor job in 1985. My dad was a ski coach and instructor, my mom taught both alpine and cross-country. I started competing in XC races when I was about nine and then raced alpine from age 14 to 18. In 1991, I moved to Switzerland and started backcountry skiing, first as a way to approach mountaineering routes and then as a goal in and of itself. That remains my true love with respect to skiing. I'll do a bit of snowboard or telemark when the mood hits me, but those are not my passions.

On the Snow with Students or Clients

Above all, I try to keep my lessons fun and keep the classes moving. I enjoy the challenge of finding the trick that helps a particular student take it to the next step. With kids, my goal is to really focus on skills acquisition without having the student know we're "working".