Exercise Ball Craziness

In my article on how to stand on an exercise ball and why you might want to do so for skiing, I mentioned that I had seen pictures of squatting 250 pounds on top of a ball and other craziness. I can't say that I either dare to do it myself or recommend it, since the risk/reward calculation is not.... favorable let's say.

The Mountains that Scare the Pros

Theresa got me all distracted today. First she send me a link to Cody Townsend's video of skiing the longest, straightest couloir I've seen. Somewhere in the Sierra. His goal was not to hop turn it, but to ski it, which means a high-speed run down a very long, very narrow, very steep couloir.

Today's Workout - Power Cleans and Chinups, Oh My!

Lately I've been really into Power Cleans, which may have replaced Deadlifts as my favorite ski-oriented exercise. Research has shown that no other weightlifting exercise correlates as well to vertical jump ability. Since vertical jump is strongly correlated with the ability to develop explosive power in the legs, it's a great indicator of alpine ski fitness. It's also, of course, a great ski-specific strength builder.