Liftopia Rocks - Kirkwood for $45!

Last week I made my first ticket purchases on and skied Kirkwood for $45  (normally $78 I think). To be honest, I had never purchased a lift ticket online before and the process made me a little nervous, but it worked great. I bought the tickets, printed out a page with a bar codes on it, showed up at Kirkwood ticket office, they scanned my bar codes and handed us three tickets. Simple as that.


First Ski Tour of the Season

I've never seen so much snow on the ground by Thanksgiving. Three feet at the house so far. So I finally got out for my first tour of the season. I only had about an hour before work, but this was long enough for us to discover that we no longer remembered which skins go with which skis and Theresa ended up with my XC ski skins for her AT skis. Worked okay for our short little tour though.

Monster workout


I just had one of my best workouts in a long time - 1:10, house to house. This is "metabolic" style, meaning short rests or no rests, high heart rate. Essentially interval training


Off-Piste Cross-Country Shredding: The Soul of Skiing

Fun with logs and XC skisFun with logs and XC skisSure, kick and glide, kick and glide. It's a wonderful feeling. But sometimes it's great to go back to the soul of skiing: simple gear on ungroomed snow and maybe huck a log or two.

They've Got to Want to Learn

In the BumpsIn the Bumps

You can't teach if they don't want to learn

On Sunday, they didn't need me at the ski area, so I decided to hang out and ski a short bump run over and over. From the chair, I was watching a guy do the same thing. He was the classic long-time skier who would benefit from a lesson, but would never take one. The more I watched, the more I wanted to give him some help.

5 Reasons Why Every Alpine Skier Should Try Cross-Country Skiing

My first two ski teachers, still at it in their 70s: The old coach is going classic and the old instructor is skatingMy first two ski teachers, still at it in their 70s: The old coach is going classic

WOD - Alpine ski training

In Crossfit, they always have the WOD, the Workout of the Day. So this is mine. Actually from a couple of days ago, but it was a good quick one. This one is with lightish weights, moving quickly from exercise to exercise for a strength/interval combo.



Jumping Jacks - 1 minute

5 minutes on elliptical trainer

Burpees - 12 with 5 pound dumbells in each hand

1 minute Jumping Jacks.

Combo #1 for 3 repeats

a. Deadlifts

b. Mountain Climbers, 1 minute


Let Them See Your Fear

There was a professor at my university who used to commit to submitting a scholarly paper on the same date that his students had to submit their term papers. He felt like it gave him a connection to the students, especially when they all showed up for class on the due date, trying to study German on zero hours of sleep.

Skiing to Failure

At least a couple of times per year, I hear tell of a legendary skier who is "so good he never falls down." I always get a kick out of this because with the exception of some elderly folks (I've skied with some people in their 80s), I've never known a really good skier who didn't take at least a few spills on a typical ski day. To me, saying someone is such a good skier that he never falls is like saying someone is such a good artist that he always stays inside the lines and never fails to match the right paint with the right number.