Troubleshooting Stance for All Skiers

A good stance is functional and adapts to the situation. Some tips for getting it right.

Tips for a Better Stance

The correct riding stance is one of the most dissected elements of skiing. Many claim to know "the right way" to teach stance, but in all reality every skier has a different body and needs to practice a unique stance. Sure there are the fundamentals: be compact, be athletic, and stay forward. No one will argue with those tips, but what else should you know that will work for everyone? And what is the perfect stance? I can't tell you for sure, but here are some tips that won't do anything but help.

Ski with a functional stance width

It's impossible to ride with the same stance width across different types of terrain. While some will preach a stance set under the shoulders, others stand by a narrower or wider base. It's important to ride with all types. For example, in powder or moguls, it is more efficient to execute a narrower stance. In contrast, a wider stance can be very beneficial on steeper terrain or when traveling at higher speeds. Never move to extremes, meaning outside your comfort level or to any point your hips no longer support your legs, those stances won't help. But don't be afraid to play around and see what works best for you, especially when dipping in and out of the trees or into mogul fields. Try to figure out which stances work best to maintain your balance point. Which nicely leads to