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Beginner's Guide to Skating a Flat Ski

Beginning skate skiers can waste a lot of energy by spending too much time on their inside edges. Here are three exercises to help you learn how to ride a flat ski.

Strong Double Poling for Efficiency

A slight downhill is a great chance to get some speed and distance for cheap, but many beginner and intermediate skiers waste the opportunity because of inefficient double-poling. Some tips on getting a stronger poling motion.

Top Gun Edge Release

Step into the pilot's seat so you can fly on skis. Imagining your hands to be on the flight controller, you can learn to use more subtle movements to get your turns started and make a smoother turn.

Inside Job: Working Your Inside Knee for Better Carving

A lot of people who've been skiing for a long time have trouble using their inside ski. By failing to do so, they're giving up a lot of performance. Using these simple tips, though, I helped one of my dad's friends start engaging the inside ski and move up significantly in his weekly ski bum races. Opinions differ as to how much weight should go on the inside foot in modern skiing, but give this a try and see how it feels.

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Teaching Kids to Ski with the Tom Sawyer Method

Tom Sawyer convinced his friends that painting a fence was fun. Here are some thoughts on how to have a fun ski lesson with kids (fun for both of you), but still stay focussed on skills acquisition. It all comes back to Tom painting that fence.

Sideslipping Away

Sideslipping is one of downhill skiing's fundamental skills, whether you downhill on alpine or telemark gear. Not only does it get you out of trouble on hard terrain, it teaches you fundamental edge control and stance skills. Surprisingly, though, I often come across even intermediate skiers who haven't truly learned this skill.

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Easing into Carving with Garlands

Garlands, a wavy traverse across the slope, are the standard way that ski instructors get students to start in with a carved turn (among other uses). Here's a quick primer on how to run yourself through a basic garland progression.

Backwards Skiing for a forward Stance

Learning to ski backwards can be tons of fun and a huge confidence booster for kids, but for all skiers, it can also be a great way to troubleshoot stance and balance issues.

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Deadlifts: The One Exercise Every Alpine Skier Should Do

Few exercises will work so many important ski muscles in one move as a proper deadlift. If you do them right, deadlifts will prepare your back for a pounding session in the moguls.

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