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Strong Ski Legs with Shuffle Jumps

Explosive, lateral jumps, for 1-2 minutes are a great exercise for building power-endurance in the legs. Essential for alpine skiers, this is also useful for tele skiers and for building a strength base for skate skiers.

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Sloppy Start to a Better Ski Day

Once you've warmed up your muscles a bit and done some stretching, you're ready to ski. The last step in your warmup routine should involve skiing, but start out sloppy and messy rather than trying to get it right from the get go.

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Better Balance with the Paper Bag Game

A fun party game of balance and leg strength. Nobody but you has to know that this is training

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Exercise Ball Craziness
Adaptive Ski

Almost everyone, no matter what their physical or developmental limitations, can get out on the snow and have some fun. If you've think you can't ski, read this and watch the videos.

Make Your Private Ski Lesson Count

A private ski lesson is a great investment, but it's not cheap. If you're going to pony up, you want to get everything you can out of it. Know what to expect and learn how to make your lesson the best.

Intermediate, Advanced
Are You Ready for a Private Ski Lesson?

Beginners usually take lessons to start. The best skiers take lessons all the time. In between is what I call the "no-lesson zone" where intermediate and advanced skiers who could benefit hugely from a lesson don't understand the benefits and get stuck at a skill plateau.

Intermediate, Advanced
The Mountains that Scare the Pros
Today's Workout - Power Cleans and Chinups, Oh My!
Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain