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Seven Signs You Might Be a Backcountry Skier
Liftopia Rocks - Kirkwood for $45!
First Ski Tour of the Season
Monster workout
Dialing the V2 Skate

We've laid a foundation with a strong V1. Now it's time to have some serious fun with the V2. Here are a few drills

Beginner, Intermediate
Dialing the V1 Skate

The V1 is a bit unnatural, but it is the foundation of efficient skating. It's crucial to get the timing right.

Beginner, Intermediate
The Many Forms of Skate Skiing

A brief terminology overview of the different forms of skate skiing: Diagonal Skate, V1, V2, V2-Alternate and Free Skate. Mostly, though, this is just to set the stage for learning the V1 Skate and the V2 Skate

Beginner, Intermediate
Off-Piste Cross-Country Shredding: The Soul of Skiing
Strength and Conditioning for Skiing and Life
They've Got to Want to Learn